Single Engine Piston Aircraft Insurance

Insurance for piston, single-engine aircraft is generally the least expensive and most easily attainable aviation insurance coverage available. Compared to other types of coverage, single-engine airplane insurance rates are extremely low, even lower than insurance for some automobiles. The value of the aircraft is a major factor in determining the premium, so an airplane with a lower value will generally cost less than one insured for a higher value. 

Aviation Insurance rates will vary depending on the value, performance, and complexity of the aircraft and the experience of the pilot. Experienced pilots will be offered the best rates and terms. Coverage is available for student and low-time pilots at lower rates than you may think.

Primary training in a single-engine aircraft is easy, relatively inexpensive, safe, and a risk desired by almost all aviation insurance companies in the industry. Higher-valued and high-performance aircraft are individually underwritten to determine the best training scenario for you.  Insurance underwriters may require additional training prior to solo flight and carrying passengers. 

Note: Training for any pilot not specifically named on your insurance policy is usually excluded unless specifically endorsed on the policy.

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