Pilot Life Insurance

Have you applied for a life insurance policy and had your rate increased or policy declined due to your aviation activity? 

At Travers & Associates our approach to pilot life insurance is simple; provide the most accurate quote for life insurance that will address your aviation activity.  Once you have submitted your pilot life insurance quote request we will review your submission and begin a thorough individual evaluation with underwriters at several of the world’s largest insurance companies.  We will provide you with a quote that takes into account both your aviation and your health history.  The rate quoted will reflect over 50 years of knowledge and experience in the aviation insurance business. 

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Rates can be up to 65% less than other policies.  We can provide insurance with no extra cost for flying.

10 Year Term - Sample Rates (Annual Premium)

Non-Smoker Male




























*Products may not be available in all states and rates are subject to underwriter approval.
Sample Rates as of 07/15/15.  Listed carriers are rated A+ or better by AM Best. 

We're here to help you find and negotiate the best rates possible on life Insurance for pilots available. Please complete our quote request form for more specific pricing information.

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Travers & Associates is proud to provide a wide range of aviation insurance products and services. We offer coverage ranging from aircraft liability insurance and aviation hull insurance designed to give you peace of mind to airplane renter insurance to cover an aircraft you may rent or borrow.

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