Life Insurance for Helicopter Pilots

Helicopter pilots can often find it challenging to find affordable life insurance solutions. At Travers & Associates we work closely with underwriters at all major insurance companies to continually find the best available options for all helicopter pilots.

We will first determine if you are flying for pleasure and personal business or for hire as a commercial helicopter pilot. When properly presented to the life insurance company helicopter pilots flying for pleasure and personal business should not pay any additional premium for their life insurance policy. Important factors for private pilots with their helicopter rating are lifetime flight hours, additional ratings (such as IFR) and the total number of hours flown each year. Generally with over 100 lifetime solo hours as a helicopter pilot and flying 25 or more hours per year, you can expect to qualify for a preferred or better rate assuming your medical history is also preferred or better.

For pilots that fly helicopters for hire we will determine the specific type of for hire flying you are involved in for your employer. All too often other life insurance agents take a one size fits all approach and helicopter pilots find themselves overpaying for life insurance coverage. Helicopter pilots flying for a police department or offshore oil company are not the same type of risk as a helicopter pilot performing aerial fire suppression for wildfires. Each of these risks is unique and requires a close look from multiple insurance companies to find the best available rate. At Travers & Associates we have found the best approach for helicopter pilots is to individually shop each case to all major insurance companies to find the best rate. The rates for helicopter pilots change often and can be inconsistent since most major insurance companies simply do not issue out policies for helicopter pilots on a regular daily basis. Therefore our job as your agent is to educate the insurance company’s underwriter on the safety record and proficiency of our commercial helicopter pilots who request life insurance coverage.

In addition to life insurance plans, we also provide loss of license coverage to helicopter pilots that fly commercially for hire. In many cases helicopter pilots will obtain life insurance coverage that protects their family if they were to pass away. However, commercial pilots that fly for a living often forget to protect their family in case they were disabled or injured in some way and they were no longer able to perform their duties as a commercial helicopter pilot. Having a loss of license plan in place can protect your family from a loss of income due to your inability to maintain the an FAA medical as required by your employer to fly for hire.

Having an agent that understands aviation and helicopter pilots can be an incredible asset when looking for the best available life insurance rate or loss of license plans. Since 1950 Travers & Associates has been working with helicopter pilots to find the best possible life insurance plans to suit their needs at the lowest possible cost.

If you are a pilot that flies helicopters for pleasure or a for hire commercial pilot performing Agricultural spraying, offshore oil work, police work, utility, etc. please contact Travers & Associates today for a competitive life insurance quote

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