Agricultural Pilot Life Insurance

If you are an Agricultural Pilot looking for life insurance or loss of license coverage Travers Aviation can help. Many agents rarely, if ever work with Aerial Applicator pilots. Travers Aviation works closely with several underwriters that provide preferred treatment for Ag pilots or crop dusters. We continually review which companies are providing the best available pricing for both life insurance and loss of license/Disability insurance. Many companies will rate Ag pilots differently depending on the type of aircraft they fly and their total lifetime number of hours and experience as a pilot.

We have several companies that will provide more favorable treatment for experienced AG pilots flying in an aircraft or helicopter specifically designed for aerial application work. As a life insurance agent representing 20 major Life Insurance companies, Travers will make sure we apply to the company that will provide the best overall cost for a Life Insurance plan that covers your aviation activity as both a private pilot and commercial Ag pilot.

Obtaining a dependable life insurance policy can give you peace of mind while flying. In addition, if you need loss of medical or loss of license coverage to protect against a possible disability, we are here to help. Many pilots make sure they get their life insurance in force and then forget to obtain insurance protection in case they are injured or become sick and are no longer able to fly as an AG Pilot. If you were to lose your class 1 or class 2 medical would you still be able to earn monthly income. In most cases pilots have spent their entire life flying as an Ag Pilot and may not be able to earn the same amount of monthly income in another occupation. If the disability is more severe, they may not be able to work at all.

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