Pilot Life Insurance Checklist

Complete our online quote request form.  Make sure to include all relevant aviation and health history so we can provide the most accurate quote.

As soon as you submit your pilot life insurance quote request we will begin working on your rate immediately.  After we have found the best life insurance for pilots rate for your policy we will contact you with your quotes and review them to see if any adjustments or changes need to be made.

We will work to determine the best life insurance policy for your individual needs.  Paperwork may be completed online or by mail.

After your paperwork has been submitted to the life insurance carrier, we will order a life insurance physical.

A local nurse or doctor contracted by the insurance company will contact you to schedule a life insurance physical.

This physical can be completed at your home or office, which ever option is more convenient.

With the completed paperwork and life insurance physical, the life insurance carrier will then order any necessary doctor’s reports to complete their underwriting decision.

Once the underwriting is complete, your policy will be mailed out to you.

You will have 20 days to review your pilot life insurance policy and send in your premium payment.

Once we receive your premium and all outstanding forms your policy will be placed in force.


All future premium notices will be sent from the insurance company to the address you specify on the policy.

Customer Service & Claims

Whether you have a small or large claim, at Travers & Associates, we are here to help.

Click the link below to make a claim. If you do not see your specific request, please send us a message at Customer Service.

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