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Travers & Associates has been at the forefront of insuring Very Light Jets since the concept was introduced, working hand-in-hand with underwriters, manufacturers, and training facilities. We currently insure a significant portion of the VLJ aircraft flying worldwide. Not only do we offer the best prices in the industry, but we also promise the security of decades of jet aircraft insurance experience.

Travers is dedicated to making sure our customers have the best possible policy for the best possible premium.  We pride ourselves on finding policies tailored to our customer’s needs. VLJ aircraft are new and unique to the industry and have special requirements only an aviation insurance specialist should be trusted to handle. Because of the newness of the aircraft and its design features, issues such as parts availability may arise during a claim. Proper liability limits are also important. With our background and close working relationships with underwriters and VLJ manufacturers, Travers has the expertise needed to enhance the quoting and claim process. 

Insurance training requirements for transitioning to a VLJ can be simple and reasonable when trusting Travers to assist in the process. We work with training facilities, VLJ manufacturers, and insurance underwriters to develop training program guidelines on an individual customer basis, which gives us the ability to insure virtually any pilot in VLJ aircraft. Such programs often entail simulator-based training along with actual time in the aircraft (with a mentor pilot, during real-life flying missions). The result of developing such an individualized program is a transition that is easy, affordable, and safe. We will help new turbojet pilots understand training options and requirements. Pilots who before would be required to transition through many different aircraft to eventually fly a jet can now make the move into jet aircraft safely and, in many cases, with great ease.

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