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How much is pilot insurance? As you can imagine, airplane insurance cost will swing widely from airplane to airplane depending on loss ratios for that model of aircraft. Another major factor for cost is the pilot flying the plane. A pilot with more logged hours will generally pay less than a pilot with fewer logged hours. In many cases extra training can reduce your insurance costs too. Some of our insurance companies will offer discounts for regular training in your make and model of aircraft. The use of the aircraft will also weigh into the cost of insurance. If the aircraft is used for personal pleasure flying on the weekends the cost to insure it can be less than an aircraft used for aerobatics or charter. The cost to insure an aircraft used to transport people for hire or for student pilot training can cost more than just pleasure and business/non-commercial use. The territory the aircraft will visit is also a factor. An aircraft flown by a Student pilot will generally cost more to insure than an aircraft flown by an experienced commercial pilot with an instrument rating. An aircraft stored in a hangar will usually cost a bit less to insure than an aircraft stored outside. Getting an instrument rating can help lower your aviation insurance cost as well.

Obtaining a Private Pilot License can be a challenge but can also be very rewarding. Cost is a major factor when considering becoming a pilot. The Private Pilot Insurance Cost for renting a small airplane can cost between $90 to $3,000 depending on the amount of coverage purchased. This estimate is the Private Pilot insurance cost for renting a small aircraft. Aircraft renters policies can be purchased online by clicking here. Airplane insurance for an aircraft you own can cost from around $250 for a simple liability policy for a Cessna 150 to hundreds of thousands of dollars for airline aircraft carrying hundreds of passengers. Operating costs will swing widely from one model of airplane to another. Working with an independent agent like Travers Aviation can help bring your pilot insurance cost down. Every aviation insurance company is different. We represent all of the “A” rated companies in the industry. When we quote your insurance we work with every company in the industry to provide the best rates and terms. Quotes can be different range significantly from company to company. Insurance company “A” may be half the price of insurance company “B” for similar coverage. That is why it is important to work with an aviation specialist like Travers Aviation. We represent the whole marketplace and offer insurance policies through multiple insurance companies.

Some of the insurance companies will offer discounts for club memberships. For example AIG, Old Republic, and QBE will all offer discounts for AOPA membership. Some of our insurance companies will offer discounts for COPA, Cirrus Owners And Pilots Association, membership and training. EAA, (Experimental Aircraft Association) membership can help as well.

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