Aircraft Repossession Insurance

If you are a bank or financial institution that loans money on aircraft, you should have your own financial institution aircraft repossession insurance policy. Any aircraft lienholder can be liable for many different types of aircraft claims when repossessing an aircraft. Once you go to repossess an aircraft, it may be too late to insure it. Our financial institution aircraft policies are designed to cover you if you have to repossess an aircraft.

We can offer physical damage and liability coverage for repossessed aircraft. These coverages can extend to Aircraft product liability, airport premises liability and many other items that the bank may not have thought about covering.

Did you know that you may be responsible for liability for the ground around the aircraft that you have repossessed? This often-overlooked exposure can be quite significant. We can offer policies to specifically cover the premises around the aircraft itself for trip-and-fall type claims.

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Travers & Associates is proud to provide a wide range of aviation insurance products and services. We offer coverage ranging from aircraft liability insurance and aviation hull insurance designed to give you peace of mind to airplane renter insurance to cover an aircraft you may rent or borrow.

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