Insurance for Your Drone

Insurance for your drone can quickly and affordably be purchased through our agency.  Have a municipality or business ready to hire you that requires insurance?  Travers Aviation can quickly and affordably quote and bind coverage.  We can generally have certificates for you within minutes.  Most drone operators are required to carry liability coverage when working professionally.  Drone liability insurance will generally be required when working for a construction company, municipality, Real Estate agency, Law Enforcement, or while Preforming Pipeline Patrol and creating images or movies professionally.

Travers Aviation can quickly and affordably insure single drone operators taking lower level aerial footage to UAV operators using fleets of UAV’s with multiple pilots worldwide.   We are able to insure drone operators as well as the schools training new operators.  We can insure uses from simple aerial imaging all the way to large drone fleets preforming Predator Control, Agriculture and Corp Spraying or Surveillance.

Travers Aviation is able to insure Multi Rotor, Fixed Wing and Single Rotor UAV’s.  Quadcopters are generally simple and easy to fly so that’s exactly the way we make the Quadcopter Insurance process.  Multi Rotor drones have become safe and affordable to operate.  We offer insurance for Multi Rotor drones including low rates for low risk.  Fixed Wing Drone Insurance is available for large and small drones preforming simple imaging to large projects for the Department of Defense.  Fixed Wing Drones are safe, simple, and affordable to insure in virtually any scenario.

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Travers & Associates is proud to provide a wide range of aviation insurance products and services. We offer coverage ranging from aircraft liability insurance and aviation hull insurance designed to give you peace of mind to airplane renter insurance to cover an aircraft you may rent or borrow.

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