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Travers Aviation has worked with many insurance companies to create a drone insurance policy with competitive rates and policy terms.  Drone insurance is relatively new to the general and commercial aviation community.  With the increase of drone pilots and potential for drone commercial operations in the general public, our insurance companies are making huge strides in creating inexpensive tailored policies for UAV operators.

Some important items which encompass a drone insurance policy consist of a few policy basics.  Bodily injury and property damage protects UAV operators against claims from others. If you injure someone while operating your drone, your bodily injury feature of the policy would be available to protect you.  Property damage coverage is available to protect you in the event that you cause damage to property not owned by you.  Physical damage insurance for the UAV can be purchased and will cover repairs or replacement of the drone and its cameras or equipment minus any deductibles.

Commercial UAV insurance for those that use a drone for a business is increasing in popularity.  Real estate agents, photographers and law enforcement operations are a few entities that are using drones daily in business or to help with the safety of the community.  Most business relationships or clients that require a contract to do business with them will require you carry drone liability insurance.  

Travers Aviation can help construct a policy that meets the standards of your contracts with these clients.  To obtain drone insurance, please contact one of our drone insurance experts at Travers Aviation Insurance.  With a phone call we can quote and bind a policy quickly.  We are drone insurance experts.

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