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Today’s drone market is changing the way we look at certain jobs with businesses requiring the monitoring of machinery or property.  Drones are now being used to do perform tasks that would normally put an individual in a high-risk scenario.  From power line patrol, roof inspections and power plant inspections drones are being utilized to take video or still photo of locations in tough to reach areas.  Business and jobs are being created every day specifically catering to the work capabilities of a drone.  Business drone liability is beginning to be a necessity when operating a drone for commercial uses.  Insurance for your drone business is easily obtainable and affordable.  At Travers Aviation Insurance, not only can we provide a liability insurance policy for the drone, but we can also insure the drone itself, or replacement insurance for drones.  

Business insurance and drone insurance for your business are two different policies.  While a business owner’s policy may protect you and your day to day business operations, it may not cover your drone operations.  To protect yourself while operating a drone for your business, a policy that is specifically worded for drones will be needed as well.  

UAV insurance costs have decreased over the last few years.  Commercial drone insurance is still a new product to the insurance companies and their underwriters.  The first few drone insurance policies were written on an aviation policy form with wording catered more towards helicopters.  Now with an improved understanding of how drones work and the minimal damage they cause, insurance companies have reduced rates significantly as well as created a specific policy for those operating a drone for business.  

Drone insurance coverage is not just for the single drone operator.  Entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on the emerging market are often purchasing more than one drone.  Drone fleet insurance is becoming more popular as companies are using multiple drones for multiple jobs.  While these businesses are operating more drones, our insurance companies have created policies tailored to the commercial drone operator.  

A drone insurance policy is important to carry if you are performing jobs for your business that require you to fly around expensive machinery or real estate.  Most importantly a drone insurance policy protects you and your business if you injure an individual.  Liability for your drone is a crucial part of protecting your business and possibly even your personal assets.  While you may take a financial loss if you did not insure your drone, injuring a third party would cause more financial strain if you were to be sued for bodily injury.  Drone liability insurance will protect you in the event of a loss where a third party is injured while you are operating your drone.  

Working with a drone specialist will ensure you are protecting yourself and your business in the event of a claim.  At Travers and Associates, we have been insuring drones since the early stages of their presence.  We have worked with many different insurance companies making sure the policy is broad enough to protect your single drone as well as making sure the insurance for your drone fleet is properly insured.

It truly takes an expert to understand your use and create an insurance policy to cover your exposures. Read our Drone Insurance Guide or Call us today and take the guesswork out of your financial protection.

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