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Insuring an experimental aircraft can be pain free if you have the right insurance agent. The Van’s RV line of aircraft are no exception to that rule. The long-term insurability of the RV has been very good. Insuring your Vans RV can have many variables that can change your costs and coverage. Your insurance cost is based on several factors. One factor in determining insurability is the actuarial data for losses on the make and model. Parts availability and the cost to repair or replace the aircraft are always contributing factors. Pilot hours and experience combined with the complexity of the aircraft is the primary key to an affordable insurance policy. Airport and aircraft combination are important things to consider as well.

Loss ratios are based on the number of units flying and the estimated hours per year the units fly. Then over several years, the losses incurred by the make and model applied to the number of units gives us a loss ratio. Often, higher losses lead to higher premiums and vice versa. The insurance companies try to estimate how many units are available to insure and estimate how many losses they are going to have over time. This is then applied to the annual premiums charged and the estimated cost of the losses.

Often overlooked by the aviation community is the cost to repair or replace damaged aircraft. Parts availability and the cost of those parts can have an impact on Vans RV Insurance Premiums. Vans aircraft have a good reputation for having parts availability and have a relatively low cost per claim. This availability of parts can lead to reduced insurance premiums and is a great thing for RV insurance.

One key to insuring your Vans RV is the pilot’s experience. The more experience a pilot has, the lower the insurance rate tends to be. If you are flying the tail wheel RV, the underwriters look favorably upon a higher time tail wheel pilot than a lower time tail wheel pilot. We can insure a zero time tailwheel pilot and those premiums are favorable, however the higher time pilots usually enjoy lower insurance premiums.

The Vans RV aircraft is designed to fly out of smaller strips and grass strips. With some aircraft, this can be an insurance problem. We can insure you out of almost any strip in the U.S. Call us to find out more about your airport or potential airport to see if we can help you.

Remember, choosing an expert in Vans RV Insurance can have a significant and lasting effect on your insurance premiums and availability of aircraft insurance. At Travers Aviation Insurance, we are aviation insurance experts and insure a sizeable percentage of the Vans RV aircraft. This along with our dedication to your aviation insurance needs can give you an advantage. Call us and let our experienced staff, most of whom are pilots, get to work for you. Find out why so many Vans RV owners insure their airplanes with us.

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