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Piper Aircraft Corporation was initially formed in 1927 by Clarence and Gordon Taylor in Rochester, New York under the name Taylor Brothers Aircraft Manufacturing Company. After just a few years the company was purchased by William T. Piper and in 1937 The Piper Aircraft Corporation was officially founded in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. Mr. Piper realized there was a gap in the general aviation market. He saw that there were no well-made low-cost aircraft on the market available for new pilots to use as training aircraft, thus prohibiting new pilots from entering the industry. It became Mr. Piper’s vision to expand general aviation by manufacturing airplanes that were affordable, well made and easy to fly. For the last 80 years Piper Aircraft Corporation has remained committed to this vision and continues to be one of the most recognized names in general aviation.

Like most of the country, the Piper Aircraft Company had a hard time with the poor economic climate of the late 30s and early 40s, which was especially difficult for a new company just staring out. The threat of war in in the early 1940s was about to change many things in the country. The US government instituted a plan to create a civilian pilot training program bringing an unprecedented number of new pilots into the general aviation industry. It just so happened that in this same time frame William Piper had just set up his new large facility in Bradford, PA and designed the Piper Cub. William Piper designed the Piper J-3 Cub to be a low-cost training aircraft. The J-3 Cub was also easily converted for military use not only as a training aircraft for pilots but for many other uses such as reconnaissance. Piper Aircraft started production for the military on the Piper L-4 Grasshopper and built thousands of them to support the war effort. Records indicate that 4 out of 5 World War II pilots were instructed in a Piper Cub. The Piper Cub can be found in the air today still being used as a training aircraft for the new pilots of the future.

The Piper Aircraft Company continued its successful line of training aircraft with many different models. One of their most successful trainers is the PA-28 Cherokee. The PA28 series is comprised of many different models providing pilots with a wide range of options including retractable gear and higher horsepower. Due to the popularity of the PA28 series, Piper designed the PA32 series. The Piper PA32 series includes the Cherokee Six, the Lance and the Saratoga. The PA32 series offers pilots more seating and power making it ideal for a number of commercial uses in addition to operations for private pilots.

While the Piper Aircraft company has long offered twin engine trainers like the Piper PA34 Seneca and the PA23 Apache, in 2000 they embarked on a new line of aircraft the Piper PA46 series. The Piper PA46 series consists of the Pressurized PA46-350 Malibu, the unpressurized PA46 Matrix, and Turbo Prop options with the, PA46-500 Meridian, the M500 and the M600. The Piper PA46 Series offers Piper Aircraft’s traditions of reliability and affordability as well as top of the line avionics and design. Whether you are flying the original Piper J-3 Cub or the top of the line Piper M600, insurance rates for Piper Aircraft are some of the lowest in their respective classes.

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