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Swiss built Pilatus, known as one of the safest aircraft in the industry, started manufacturing aircraft in 1939. Starting with the SB-2 Pelikan, Pilatus has over the years developed several different aircraft types including the most popular single engine turboprop, the Pilatus PC-12. To date, Pilatus has delivered over 3500 aircraft worldwide. In recent years, Pilatus has focused on its best seller the PC-12 and the new Pilatus PC-24 twin engine jet. With a factory based in Colorado, Pilatus has become a popular aircraft in the North American region. Pilatus currently employs over 2,000 people worldwide. The Pilatus aircraft is known for its insurance safety record, but it can also tout its capabilities. With its powerful engine, useful load exceeds that of many twin engine aircraft.

Insurance rates for Pilatus aircraft are some of the best in the industry. Nearly every aviation insurance company will insure the Pilatus. Insurance rates for the Pilatus vary depending on the hull value and experience of the pilot. The best insurance rates on the Pilatus are typically given to the pro pilot that flies for a living. Pro pilots tend to have better safety records due to the training habits and the ability to fly consistently for work. While insurance rates for pro pilots may come in the lowest, even the owner pilot is able to experience affordable insurance rates due to the safety record and technological advances the Pilatus has to offer.

Liability Insurance for the Pilatus can be obtained at a competitive rate depending again on the pilot experience. High time pilots tend to have access to increased limits of liability while lower time pilots may be limited to a more standard limit. Pilatus Liability insurance protects the insured form claims that cause bodily injury or property damage. One of the more important aspects of insuring a Pilatus is the bodily injury for passengers. It is important to protect yourself in the event of a loss where you may be responsible for injuring your passengers. If a pilot typically flys with two or three passengers, it is recommended that they carry the highest liability that the underwriter will offer them.

Pilatus hull insurance is a major rating factor for the insurance companies. Hull insurance covers the value of the aircraft while liability insurance protects the insured from injuries or damage to another person’s property. The hull portion of the premium is based on the value of the aircraft and pilot experience. Pilatus insurance can be obtained by contacting an agent at Travers and Associates or applying online.

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