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Travers Aviation Insurance has spent time with the Maule factory in Moultrie, Georgia. We have flown Maule airplanes and understand how durable and simple Maule aircraft are to fly.

Maule Aircraft is a manufacturer of light, single engine short take-off and landing aircraft. Maule has built over 2,500 aircraft, making the company a true American aviation success story. Maule has become the standard in aviation for bush planes. Due to the viability of the manufacturer parts are easily available for damaged aircraft. Accessible parts and the durable nature of Maule aircraft make it easy to repair which will drive insurance rates down.

B.D. Maule designed his first aircraft at age 19. Maule started producing tailwheel aircraft in the 1950s. Maule is an amazing, family-run manufacturer based out of Georgia. Maule Aircraft consist of a tube and fabric design. The light weight and short field capabilities of the Maule make it a favorite for bush pilots or pilots flying in and out of small runways. Maule manufactures slow flying, short field capable aircraft that are easy and fun to fly. Maule aircraft are equipped with 145 HP engines up to 235 HP Lycoming, providing enough power for a fully loaded aircraft to climb out of almost any field. The 420 HP Turboprop engine can be added for extreme performance.

Maule aircraft are flown around the world. They are rugged and reliable. Maule aircraft are flown with a tricycle gear configuration, tail wheel configuration, on floats, and on skis. Performance of the aircraft has been improved over the years with minor changes, but the original design of the Maule has stood the test of time. Maule is considered the best bush plane ever built. Maule airplanes are performance planes offering seating for four with short take-off and landing capabilities, while still allowing faster cruise speeds than other similar aircraft. Maule airplanes are capable of flying just about anywhere but the docile nature of the airplane makes it affordable to insure even for the weekend pilot.

Maule airplanes can basically take you anywhere safely. Maule can handle most loads due to the tremendous useful load. Maule aircraft are the perfect aircraft for the weekend family fishing trip! Few other airplanes in the world are able to safely transport as much gear and people to such remote locations. We make quoting insurance for Maule airplanes simple, quick, affordable, and easy.

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