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Epic Aircraft is based in Bend, Oregon, where it builds and tests its aircraft. Epic first came onto the general aviation scene in 2004. The first aircraft brought to the market by Epic was the Epic LT. This experimental turboprop kit plane was one of the first aircraft to combine a composite frame powered by a turboprop engine.  Through effort and determination Epic Aircraft was granted certification by the Federal Aviation Administration for the Epic E1000.

Epic Aircraft quickly earned a reputation in the general aviation market for their unprecedented combination of advanced technology and performance wrapped up in a beautiful airframe. Epic Aircraft stopped manufacturing the kits for the Epic LT, so they could focus their efforts on the Epic E1000.  The Epic E1000 is a composite aircraft typically configured to seat up to 6 that has impressed the general aviation market with its range, speed, and safety record. 

While Epic enjoys a reputation for superior performance, they also receive rave reviews for their hand-crafted interior. The Epic E1000 has a luxurious cabin custom designed for each aircraft owner. They offer top-of-the-line detailing and flexible seat configuration, providing a comfortable flight experience. Epic Aircraft understands that manufacturing an elegant, fast, and efficient aircraft is not enough. At the end of the day, it is the aircraft’s ability to provide safe and dependable flight for its operator and passengers that matters. Epic Aircraft has dedicated itself to creating and maintaining a product with a high level of safety. Epic uses the most advanced technology and modern dependable parts to manufacture an aircraft with impressive safety and performance characteristics. Aviation insurance companies take the safety features and safety record of the aircraft into account when offering insurance terms.

The Epic E1000 brings a lot to the table. It is considered the top aircraft in its class. The Epic E1000 is made of carbon fiber. This allows the aircraft to remain light and very strong.  The carbon fiber airframe combined with the powerful Pratt and Whitney turboprop engine contribute to the Epic’s unmatched performance in speed, range, safety, and the amount of payload the Epic E1000 can carry.

Epic Aircraft has shown dedication to proper maintenance by vetting and appointing an impressive network of Authorized Service Centers. Epic also offers advanced factory training so pilots can train to their high standard.

The aviation insurance industry has taken note of Epic’s commitment to safety. It is this dedication to quality and safety that allows the insurance market to provide competitive insurance terms for Epic Aircraft. With superior attention to safety and dependable performance, Epic aircraft are insurable for operators including pilots transitioning into the aircraft from smaller piston powered aircraft.

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