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When it comes to single engine turbo prop aircraft, the Daher TBM series is the leader in innovation and safety. Combining safety and a history of producing proven aircraft allows for some of the best insurance rates in the industry.  The capabilities, performance and safety features of the aircraft are a direct relation to its insurability.  With aviation insurance, it is important to have an understanding of the aircraft and the customer flying the plane. Travers and Associates has been insuring the TBM since its inception. Combining the aircraft and its capability along with our experience in the industry, allows us to negotiate favorable insurance rates.  


The dream for newer pilots to move into the TBM is taking place sooner than in years past.  As one of the largest insurance agencies in the industry, Travers and Associates has worked closely with many insurance companies to manage insurance products for these newer pilots.  Insurance should never stand in the way of owning your TBM aircraft.  We transition more pilots into the TBM each year than any other agency in the industry. 


For pilots that have been flying for years or enjoy a career as a pro pilot, insurance is easily obtainable at very low rates.  Insuring the TBM with a high time or pro pilot is a highly desired risk for an insurance company.  Combining the vast safety features of the TBM with a pilot that has the knowledge of the equipment allows the insurance companies to assign competitive premiums to the risk. 


At Travers and Associates, we only work with A rated insurance companies.  We represent every major insurance company that insures the TBM.  Insuring high valued aircraft with the capabilities of the TBM requires an insurance company and agent that understands the mission of the client.  At Travers and Associates we make sure to understand each client’s situation and do our best to place you with one of our leading insurance companies.


While each company offers different kinds of discounts for the TBM, here are a few discounts available in the industry.

  • Technologically Advanced Aircraft Discount
  • Pilot Training Discount
  • Hangared Discount
  • Loss Free Discount
  • Aviation Membership Discounts (TBMOPA, AOPA, EAA)
  • Instrument Proficiency Check Discount
  • Wings Programs Discount


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