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Cirrus Aircraft started making the VK-30 aircraft in 1984. Since then Cirrus has evolved into the world leader in aircraft manufacturing. Cirrus is currently building the piston Cirrus SR20, Cirrus SR22, and the Cirrus Vision SF50 Jet. Cirrus has outsold all other aircraft manufacturers for a reason. They make a technically advanced aircraft simple to fly. Cirrus aircraft are built with almost every modern safety feature available. These safety features are combined with luxury to create the safest and most comfortable aircraft in the industry.

All Cirrus airplanes including the SF50 are equipped with the CAPS Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. Most of our insurance companies will offer discounts due to the parachute system. Many of the insurance companies in the industry will also waive deductibles for parachute deployments. The insurance companies offer better rates to Cirrus owners. Cirrus Parachute systems save lives. A lost life or an injury is obviously a huge expense for insurance companies. Additional discounts are available for this Technically Advanced Aircraft particularly when combined with regular training.

Cirrus owners can experience a lower premium due to training. Cirrus offers a comprehensive training program for pilots. The Cirrus training center and CSIP program makes finding a training partner simple. Cirrus has a network for current Cirrus Instructors available to help train pilots using the official Cirrus training program. Training both in the airplane and in a Simulator can help each pilot build skills for future flights.

The SR series of aircraft including the SRV, SR20, SR22, and SR22T are designed around modern avionics as standard equipment. Cirrus was the first major personal aircraft manufacturer to build airplanes with this equipment as a standard. Cirrus was also the first manufacturer to receive FAA certification for aircraft with the parachute system. This commitment to advancing aviation helps make Cirrus one of the easiest aircraft to insure in the industry. The Cirrus SF50 Jet is the first jet airplane equipped and certified with the parachute.

Travers Aviation has been insuring Cirrus airplanes since Cirrus began delivering aircraft in 2000. We have been there from the beginning. We have helped aviation insurance underwriters understand the low risk of these modern, docile airplanes. Our agents have flown Cirrus aircraft and understand the safety of these technically advanced airplanes.

In 2017 Cirrus Aircraft announced the Cirrus Embark program. Cirrus has agreed to pay for initial training for every new Cirrus pilot. This is unprecedented in the industry and highlights a tremendous commitment to safety. Through the Cirrus Embark program qualified pilots can train for no charge. Cirrus will provide a CSIP for initial training for new Cirrus pilots and pick up the tab.

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