Aircraft Maintenance Insurance

An aviation insurance policy for your aircraft maintenance facility plays an integral role in mitigating your risk as an aircraft maintenance professional. A Fixed Based Operation or an A & P mechanic faces liability exposures including premises liability, products and completed operations liability and hangarkeepers liability.  One small maintenance oversight can lead to a major liability lawsuit.

Underwriters rate policies based on the aircraft maintenance insurance underwriting guidelines. Some of the underwriting guidelines include the volume of business, the type of maintenance performed, and the aircraft maintained. Other factors may include the experience of the staff and loss history.

We are able to offer an aviation insurance policy for your aircraft maintenance facility at reasonable rates. Some of the coverage that may be available include; products and completed operations coverage, hangarkeepers liability coverage, premises liability coverage, non-owned aircraft liability insurance, and workers’ compensation policies.

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Travers & Associates is proud to provide a wide range of aviation insurance products and services. We offer coverage ranging from aircraft liability insurance and aviation hull insurance designed to give you peace of mind to airplane renter insurance to cover an aircraft you may rent or borrow.

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